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Do you have a long list of little jobs around your home that needs to be fixed? If you do, then you need a company that will be available to fix them around your schedule. Our local handyman Kingston can help with a variety of jobs. Our cheap handyman services are tailored to suit any budget so you can get those jobs done quickly. We can also offer an emergency handyman service for those urgent jobs. Next time you need a something fixing around the house, give us a call.

Home Refurbishment Kingston KT1

If you are too busy to carry out the maintenance on your home, don’t worry, because we have just the thing for you. Our home maintenance experts in Kingston are always available to help with all your maintenance needs. They can also take on any home renovation work including kitchen and bathroom refurbishment. They cover an area including KT1 and the surrounding KT2 postcode district so they are truly your local team. If you want a flexible and professional team that can work around your life, then contact us and see what we can do for you. We know that you will be happy with our work.

Office Refurbishment Kingston KT1

When you run a business, you want to make a good impression. Part of this is how your customers see your office area. You may be considering an office makeover to brighten up your workplace and impress your clients. Why not hire a company that can take care of all your office renovation needs with our quick, professional service in the KT1 district. We can also take on all your Kingston office maintenance requirements to keep your business running smoothly. If you need any office repairs or renovation, then get in touch with us today.

Home Maintenance and Repairs Kingston KT1

Household maintenance is something that all those who own their own home will sympathise with. It can be difficult to keep up with all the odd jobs you have around the house. However, our handyman team can take on any general repair and maintenance work you have, and provide a fast and professional service. All our home repairs are completed to a high standard by experienced and professional handyman in KT1 and areas all over KT2 as well. We are also very flexible when we arrange out visits to make sure that fit in with your schedule.

Property Maintenance Kingston KT1

Trying to maintain several properties can be a real headache, you have to schedule regular maintenance and manage repairs as well. With our company however, you can let us do all this for you so you have more time to devote to other work. We are based in Kingston, and have teams that are available for any type of property repairs. We can also manage property renovation and complete regular commercial property maintenance. If you are looking for handyman KT2 to handle your property maintenance, then speak to us about our options.

Odd Jobs Kingston KT1

There are time when everyone needs an odd job completing. This can be especially true for the elderly who can’t do a lot of things around the house. With our odd job man services, you won’t have to do those little jobs yourself. We have a team of experienced professionals who are able to a range of tasks including furniture assembly and hanging services such as picture frames. Our handyman teams in the KT1 area are very flexible and will visit at a time to suit you. If you are in need of an odd job man, look no further than our impressive range of services in the KT2 region.

Plumbing Kingston KT1

You may feel at times that you have to be a jack of all trades to keep up with the repair on your house. However, this doesn’t have to be the case when you hire our expert services. We have plumbers in the Kingston area that are able to deal with any plumbing repairs. They can also help with drain unblocking and leak repair which is something most people will encounter at some point. Don’t worry about trying to do it all yourself, save yourself time and money by hiring our teams in the KT2 region.

Electricians Kingston KT1

Trying to find a reliable and professional electrician doesn’t have to be a hard task. Our company in Kingston can offer not only electrical services, but also a wide range of other options that makes us a very versatile alternative in the KT1 region. We carry out all our electrical work at a time to suit you, and it is always completed to a very high standard. This is part of our commitment to our customers to ensure we are respected and trusted.  When you need electrician services in and around KT2 area, give us a call and see what we can do for your home or business.

Painting and Decorating Kingston KT1

Decorating can be a very time consuming task that many people don’t really want to do. This is why many people hire companies like us to do it for them. We have experienced painters and decorators who can help you bring new themes and colour into your home. Our Kingston handyman KT1 can be a local resource. They can also prepare the walls by plastering and stripping, making the finished walls look even better. If you are looking for help with painting and decorating in the KT2 region, then hire us for a great service every time.

Carpentry Services Kingston KT1

Hiring a handyman gives you access to a range of talents in one, this makes them a really good alternative to finding lots of companies to do different jobs. Carpentry services are one example of a service that you would otherwise have to find separately. We have experienced Kingston carpenters that are able to carry out any type of work including door repair and laminate floor fitting. Don’t worry about hiring lots of people when you can get all the help you need from one reliable service in the KT2 region and beyond.

Furniture Assembly Kingston KT1

If there is one thing that can frustrate more than most things, its flat-pack furniture assembly. We however, love the challenge, and we have a team of furniture assemblers in Kingston who can make a quick job of your furniture. They can also help with furniture repairs to your existing pieces to keep them looking great. You can arrange for us to visit you at times to suit you anywhere in the KT1 or the surrounding KT2 regions. If you want someone to help you put your furniture together, speak to us about our handyman services in your town.

Tiling, Grouting and Re-sealing Kingston KT1

If there is one thing that can frustrate more than most things, its flat-pack furniture assembly. We however, love the challenge, and we have a team of furniture assemblers who can make a quick job of your furniture. They can also help with furniture repairs to your existing pieces to keep them looking great. You can arrange for us to visit you at times to suit you anywhere in the KT1 or the surrounding KT2 regions. If you want someone to help you put your furniture together, speak to us about our handyman Kingston in your town.

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Positive feedback

Their handyman services are the best in the area! They are punctual, polite, and most importantly, know what they are doing. This is also one of the cheapest handyman companies in the area.    
Derrick James
If in need of home maintenance, I'd hire Home Repair Companies Kingston in a heartbeat. They made the right impression on me and it's one that's stuck.    
A. Gamble
I called Handyman Services Kingston after seeing some good reviews and I used them for some flat pack assembly I needed help with. They turned out to be a great choice, as their help was much needed and cheap. Thank you!    
Professional handymen from Handyman Kingston are all I ever need to get my home back in working order again. They are great people, who know how to fix anything for a price that doesn't hurt my budget!    
Anita Price
We purchased a house during an auction last year. We managed to buy it at a bargain price. However, the house required a lot of work before it could be made habitable. I hunted for a reliable company to take up the home refurbishment. After considering the pros and cons of a few companies, I decided to go ahead with Home Maintenance Kingston. I am pleased with the work they have done; the house is now completely transformed. I am now all set to put it up for rent. Brilliant work from such a capable and skilled team!    
Tom J.
After much consideration I decided to hire Home Repair Companies Kingston for my home renovation. The decision was made after discussing my needs over the phone with a specialist who really paid attention to what I was hoping for. This is such a great company and it's one that provides amazing customer service as well as low prices!    
Kerry K.
After bad weather, my house needed many repairs. I didn't know where to begin and was unsure of the best way to handle some of them. I decided it best to get Handyman Kingston on the job and they did great work. They saw to all my home repairs and by the end of the week, everything in my home was back to the way it was and in some cases even better.    
Anthony Wilson
There aren't many companies in my area that take on carpentry jobs, so when I found out that Odd Job Companies Kingston did I expected that the price would be pretty sky high. Thankfully, I was completely wrong. The price I received was completely affordable and well within my budget. I finally got the carpentry services that I was looking for and everything was completed to an incredibly high standard. This company now has a place on my speed dial and I think everyone needing carpentry services should get in touch with them!    
Clara Peters
Handyman Services Kingston provided a same day handyman service when I wanted help with fitting a door. Though my husband had opted to have a go at it himself, it wasn't as easy as he thought it would be. After dismantling the old door he soon worked out the new one was not going to go on as easily as he thought. Thanks so much to this company for the fast response. The handyman soon sorted it and made easy work of it. He had all the right tools for the job and it was soon fitted perfectly.    
Mandy T.
Home Maintenance Kingston are definitely dedicated to their work. They took care of every little bit of my painting and decorating job and did an amazing job in the process. Their experience and skill was evident and the finished work was exactly to my liking.    
Robert Gregory

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